Car Insurance Key Factors that affect your Rate


Do you really understand what key factors actually influence you and your family’s car insurance?  Most individuals don not realize all of the items that are analyzed before an auto insurance company actually provides you with an insurance quote.  There are 11 major factors that determine what your car insurance rates will be.  This includes any other moving vehicle that you may need to insure as well such as motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and RV’s.  Don’t feel bad that you are not aware of these items that affect your car insurance rates as most of the general population know very little if nothing at all.  It really isn’t something that insurance companies discuss with their clients but probably should.

Most individuals make sacrifices when choosing an auto policy by going with a plan that has a higher deductible or even the dollar amount of coverage.  Those decisions are made because they are not aware of the other key elements that are analyzed during the insurance quote process.  Writing this article I hope to get the information out to the general public so they can learn what they can actually do to lower their car insurance policy without jeopardizing their auto coverage.

First, let’s identify the 11 key factors that absolutely determine your auto insurance rates and also find out the reasoning behind them.  The determining factors are split into 3 basic categories by Demographic Factors, Car Related Factors and Personal Driving Habits and Usage.  The 11 factors are as follows:


  • Age and Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Credit Score
  • Career Profession
  • Where you Live


  • Safety Rating for Vehicle
  • Size and Type of Vehicle
  • How Old is the Vehicle
  • How Likely is the Vehicle to be Vandalized or Stolen


  • History of Driver
  • Driving Activity

Let’s start with Age and Gender.  This is one factor that I did know about I’m sure just like the rest of us when we went to pay for our car insurance when we bought our first car at a much younger age.  I remember thinking at the time that it just wasn’t fair that I had to pay so much more on my premium simply because I was young.  Then I realized that because I was a female, I got off a lot better than my male younger friends.  car insurance las vegasThe poor guys really got it bad and some couldn’t even afford to drive because of the high rates.  Top it off with a speeding ticket or accident and they were all washed up.  What I didn’t realize is that age goes into play as we get older as well.  An older male will have less premiums than an older women just because statistics prove older women are more prone to get into fender benders than an older man.  I say that’s just pay back from our youth.

Marital Status is very important especially for the male driver.  It is proven that married people tend to get into much less accidents than those that are not married.  If a male gets married and they have not had any tickets or accidents, they can see their auto insurance rates cut nearly in half.  That’s a substantial savings for insurance las vegas

Your actual credit score determines your premiums as well.  It really doesn’t seem like a fair reason but the lower your credit score, the more your car insurance premiums become.  I still can’t get a fair explanation or rap my head around that factor.

I can surely understand that what you do for a living would be a determining factor in your car insurance premiums.  For instance, if you are a delivery driver or an outside sales person, you would tend to be traveling in your vehicle more so than someone that works from home.  That would determine your insurance rates due to the fact that you have more chances of being in an accident or receiving a moving violation because you’re out and about more so than the average driver.

Where you live and what zip code you reside in is crucial for the insurance companies as they see profound areas where there are much more auto vehicle accidents than other areas.  Clark County and especially Las Vegas is a city that has a high percentage of auto accidents compare to other areas of the United States.las-vegas-car-insurance

Now getting into the Car Related Factors and how they affect your rates makes a lot of sense as well.  If your vehicle has a low safety rating, that can make your premiums higher as there is a higher chance that you could be injured and therefore create medical fees that a person might not incur if they were in a vehicle with a higher safety rating.

Obviously the size and type of vehicle would be a determining factor again going back to your likelihood of getting injured in an accident.

How old the vehicle is would be something that may lower your insurance rates as the vehicle would not be top dollar to replace.  There are even insurance companies that only provide auto insurance to vehicles over 20 years old in Nevada as they are known as classic cars and fall into a special category for insurance purposes.

Is the vehicle a show car or one that is most likely to be vandalized or stolen?  Some models of cars are just more desirable to be stolen than others and therefore the rates are higher.  This is definitely something to look into before you purchase your car.

And finally the obvious, your personal driving habits and how much you drive.  These are major determining factors when it comes to your insurance premiums.  Insurance companies look at any previous tickets or accidents and if you’ve made any insurance claims in the past.  The theory on that is if you have already made an insurance claim or if you’ve been in an accident or received moving violations that you will most likely do those things again.  Some insurance companies simply will refuse to insure drivers that have poor records or past automobile claims as they determine they are just too much of a risk.

Driving Activity is a major issue when it comes to basing your premiums.  The distance that you travel for work or while you are at work will come into play as insurance companies simply determine that the more you are on the road the more likely it will be that you get into an accident.  Insurance companies also look at how secure the car is stored while not in use.  An automobile that is stored in a garage is often given much lower rates than one that is parked out in the public area.

With that being said, these are definitely key factors that should be looked into so that you can achieve lower auto insurance premiums.  I know that I’m going to be looking into several of these factors to try and lower my premiums for sure.

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Las Vegas Building Renovation & Asbestos Removal Issues


Historical building renovation has always captured my attention and if I were slightly wealthy, I would do it simply for the joy of it and as a true ‘hobby’.  I’ve had opportunities come up to be involved in older buildings that could be suited for repurposing, but the expense sent It off into a category beyond the stratosphere. (And when I say beyond the stratosphere, I actually do mean the Stratosphere Hotel Casino in Las Vegas).

What is ‘Historical’ in Las Vegas?



Looking for historical structures is pretty funny.  In Las Vegas, things that are known as ‘historical’ include the Las Vegas Welcome Sign, the Kiel Ranch Park, the Liberace Mansion, and the oldest structure that I find, the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort.

Liberace-Mansion-Asbestos-Removal-Las-VegasPast that, Las Vegas historical items are very few and many things that would have been interesting historical buildings have been demolished or remodeled into oblivion. 

History of Building Construction in Las Vegas tends to End in Demolition

Las Vegas has a massive history of complete building demolition rather than remodeling buildings.  You see, location is everything and in Las Vegas, if a building has lost it’s usefulness or needs updating, the dirt under it one either the Strip, or downtown, is worth much more than the building itself because of location. I’m sure you understand that.  Casino and entertainment venues are not as profitable if they’re not within these tourist zones.  I know that some entertainment properties can be profitable ‘off strip’, but they’re still less profitable by magnitudes than their counterparts in the tourism zones. 

So, going back to the seventies, you can find that Las Vegas sees much more building demolition than building remodel. 

My Historical Building Renovation Goals for Las Vegas, Reno, and Rural Nevada

First, I want to admit that I’m not altruistic in my seeking of buildings to do renovation on.  I am looking for structures that I would find fascinating to either locate a business into or even to live in.  One example of this is the old Train Depot in Reno NV. Located off of 4th Street near Lake St, this building is a gem.  In 2005, I saw that it was up for sale and the price tag was within my grasp.  So, I went to walk the property and find out more about it.

historic building asbestos removal Renovating the Reno Train Depot & My First Asbestos Removal Project

historical building asbestos removal
Train Depot Asbestos Removal and Remodel

Renovation of this classic building was an amazing concept.  When I first started to do the numbers, I didn’t know that a friend was having the same idea and I would be bidding against him for the purchase of the classic building.  This was a 3 story building with two massive walk-in safes and beautiful solid oak staircases going between each floor. The ceiling height on each floor (excluding the loft floor on top) exceeded 15 feet.  The amazing oak floors were still original and in beautiful condition.  The brick exterior had great arches and a very epic looking entryway.

My mind was reeling with the possibilities. I was looking at building it out as a co-work center and having a 3000 square foot penthouse apartment on the 3rd floor.  I could truly see that the whole thing would come together in a matter of months.  But then an ugly phrase was thrown into the mix.  Ugly ugly word.  The realtor, in the sake of full disclosure, told me that, all though I could buy the building, I could not ever use it for anything until asbestos removal was done.

The asbestos abatement on this building turned out to be a daunting task. Everything said and done, the asbestos removal would run twice to as much as three times the price they were asking for the building.  I almost did the deal anyway, but I really wasn’t looking forward to paying that much out to an asbestos abatement company.  The other downfall was that the building was not in Las Vegas and I really preferred a Las Vegas project over a Northern Nevada project at that time. 

What I am looking for in Las Vegas for a Building Renovation Project

Okay, this might sound silly, but my first choice is an old fire station.  Seriously.  If I could find a fire station that was being retired, I’d be in heaven. Oh, speaking of heaven, my second choice would be the complete remodel of a church.  But I’ll broach that idea at another time. 

I like the concept of a fire station as a building remodel for a few reasons.  One is the fire truck bays.  I’d love to have an indoor bay with a height over 13’ and a length over 40’.  Why do you ask?  Well, simple: I have a large motor coach and I’d like to have room for it and several cars in the building.  Can you imagine a classic fire station with a second floor, a fire pole, and steel-doored fire truck bays, all converted to a nice home?  Sign me up!  And with a project like that – asbestos abatement be damned!  I’d be calling up asbestos removal firms in a minute to do the asbestos testing and I have no doubt that I’d find some way to fund the asbestos removal and complete update remodel for the building. 

Asbestos Removal for Building Renovation in Las Vegas

Casino Asbestos Removal

Since Las Vegas is not all that old of a town, I truly think that asbestos abatement may not be as big of a deal as overall remodel costs would be.  But, the train depot building remodels project proved 100% the opposite. And Reno is not that much older of. A town than Las Vegas.  I know that even some asbestos-abatement-asbestos-exposurecasinos built in the sixties would have asbestos problems.  An example to me would be the old Del Webb’s Sahara Casino in Las Vegas.  My first-hand knowledge comes from their sister property in Lake Tahoe. Back then, it was called Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe. 

The construction of both buildings was handled by the same crews and in the late seventies and early eighties, I was subject to exposure to asbestos while I was working as a remodel carpenter at the Sahara Tahoe.  While rehanging ceilings in the casino and in the basement areas, I was using air powered nail guns which would cause the asbestos-laden coating materials in the spaces between the building structural material and the drop ceiling to cloud the air with the dust from the coating material.  It was 20+ years later that I find out that the material that was blown onto the beams was laden with asbestos.  I can only pray that my exposures were low enough to keep me from getting mesothelioma as I grow older. 

So, what this tells me is that it’s possible to run into asbestos removal issues in any building built in Las Vegas before 1990.  So, if I go and find a fire station to purchase and remodel, one of the first calls that I’m going to make it to a solid asbestos removal company and find out the overall price to guaranteed asbestos abatement.

I’m keeping my eyes open for the right projects.  I’m not in a super hurry but, as life is short, I’d like to find the right project in Las Vegas as soon as I can.  I’m very off my idea of a fire station or a church – but it would have to be pretty intriguing like the train depot was. Although I’ve talked a lot about asbestos removal in this article, it’s a lesser concern because there are now more asbestos removal companies and with newer techniques for asbestos removal, I think the price for asbestos testing and abatement are down drastically.  I think that in 2005, there was only one firm specializing in asbestos removal in Reno and maybe two in Las Vegas. So, you knew you were paying top dollar for asbestos removal.

By the way, many years later, someone bought the train depot and poured massive amounts of money into it. They opened a brew pub in it and the building looks amazing.  It’s a little cumbersome because the dining had to be put on 2 floors.  I ‘m not sure what they did with the penthouse loft. One thing I’m sure of, the asbestos removal cost them a small fortune.

The Top Three Restaurants in New York for Foodies

burgers and lobsters restaurant

burger and seafood restaurant

New York has always been my favorite place to eat at great restaurants, since the city is so diverse. You can eat great Italian food, Mexican food, and even Mediterranean food. I will always love a good gyro. My occupation is to review restaurants for a living, so I know which restaurants in New York take the cake and which ones to avoid. As opposed to selling my thoughts in a published book, I thought I would just share my thoughts with you guys online.

burgers and lobsters restaurant

First up, there is Burger & Lobster. I do not even know where to begin with this restaurant. It’s like the chefs chose my two favorite things to eat, and then based a whole restaurant about them! Make sure to be in the Flatiron District of New York, otherwise, you will have to compete with me for a spot at one of the tables. Burger & Lobster gets very busy at times, but that only shows you how great the food is.

For the purposes of this review, I will attempt to remain as unbiased as possible. There are three main things that I look for when reviewing a restaurant for work. I look for the quality of the service, the atmosphere, and how good the food is. Flavor isn’t everything, though. A great restaurant will not need to use food that comes out of a can, and so the chefs should have no trouble locating fresh ingredients to use in their dishes.

Time for the first characteristic, which is service. Burger & Lobster really knows how to hire amazing staff. Every time I have eaten here, I am greeted with a friendly smile. Even before I’m seated. I have seen the staff ensure that every table is clean before someone is seated, no matter how busy the restaurant gets. Your glass is never empty, and the servers aren’t stingy with the drinks like some restaurants might be.

When you have a bottomless drink, the restaurant doesn’t want you consuming gallons of it with each meal. However, my server was always topping off my glass. On the flipside, she also managed to do it frequently enough without becoming too much a burden. I can’t stand when a waiter interrupts me mid-sentence just so they can ask if I’m enjoying my meal.

I appreciate that you asked, but you are not blind and I was very clearly in conversation. It’s even more so annoying because I lose my train of thought very easily. When I first ate at Burger & Lobster, I was overwhelmed with the variety on the menu. With so many great sounding dishes to order, I had no idea what to prioritize.

Luckily for me, all of the staff know everything on the menu and what people like. In fact, they each have their own preferences as well. I should guess as much, since everyone is different. A lot of restaurants in New York tend to specialize in one dish and center their menu around it, but not here. Burger & Lobster even offers different types of lobster rolls that you can order! Lobster rolls are without a doubt my favorite food, so Burger & Lobster gets extra points for that.

That is the service and the atmosphere, so all that would leave is the atmosphere. I have never had to shout over the other customers at Burger & Lobster, so that is always a plus. In addition, the windows really light up the place. I’m sure that saves the management a fortune on electricity during the day. All of these bits and pieces have very clearly worked, as Burger & Lobster is the topic of a lot of the positive online reviews for restaurants in New York.

new york french restaurant

Cafe Loup is without a doubt my favorite French restaurant in New York. My favorite thing to order from Cafe Loup is the Norwegian Eggs Benedict, and it makes a very great breakfast. Even more so if you live by Greenwich Village in New York. Everything that you would expect of a classy French restaurant is here, plus more. I can’t get over how attractive the interior of the restaurant is.

It’s one thing to be a great restaurant, but putting thought into your restaurant’s look shows how much you care about the customers instead of the business. A lot of the great online reviews talk about how relaxed and casual the atmosphere is, so if that’s more along your lifestyle than Cafe Loup is likely the place for you.

I am hoping that some people who read these reviews will take these restaurants into consideration for their next meal, or next few meals if you get into them as much as me. Very good restaurant overall, and that is why it is one of the top three in over 100 restaurants in New York.

new york korean barbecue

If you aren’t into French food OR lobster and burgers, then maybe Korean BBQ will fit the bill for you. Korilla BBQ is located within walking distance of the New York City College of Technology in New York, so it is a great place for college students to get lunch. Just watch out for your body’s sodium levels, though. If you asked what my favorite thing to order from Korilla BBQ was, I would have to say it’s my burrito that I make with pork.

I’m not going to describe each ingredient, because you build your own bowl here. One thing I always think about when eating at Korilla BBQ is the cleanliness. It’s almost methodical, how the staff will clean regularly. With barbecue, your kitchens will always require extra special care. Smoke and grease are a lot more common with this style of cuisine, especially when your chefs are cooking all day every day (this place is always full of customers).

There are some New York hood cleaners located right here in town, and they aren’t terribly far away from any of these restaurants. NY NY Hood Cleaning are known for their positive reputation, and I guarantee that if you click now you will be prioritized over people who click later.

That’s how business works, after all. If you’re still dying to know more about Korilla BBQ, I would encourage you to read one of the great reviews on Yelp and Google. You shouldn’t have to look very hard to find one.

The Greatest Restaurants So Far in Las Vegas

las vegas seafood restaurant

asian fusion restaurant las vegas

Las Vegas is probably the most widely recognized city in Nevada, since it is a very popular tourist destination. For the people who live on the outskirts of town, such as myself, Vegas is a very different town. I haved lived here for a couple years, and I think that one of the main attractions for me is the food.

Of course every town has food, but is it all great? Even if it is. It’s not as good as the restaurants in Las Vegas. As such, I will be reviewing the ones that I think are the best so maybe people will visit restaurants outside of the Strip. A lot of those places are tourist traps, anyways.

korean barbecue las vegas

First, I want to talk about Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining. Just because it is the first restaurant does not mean that it is the best restaurant. It was just the first one that came to mind, mostly because I’m a regular here. Asian fusion can either be done really poorly or really well, and here it is done really well. With a lot of people that I talk to, it seems like they either love Korean BBQ or haven’t tried it. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining is located a block away from UNLV’s campus, so if you go to school there then it’s a great spot to eat at with friends.

I see a lot of students eating here, and you could probably get a job as a server if they were hiring. Working right next to school would be easy. Unless you just wanted to go home and relax. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining has a lots of choices on the menu, so even if you think that you don’t really like Japanese or Korean food there will surely be something that you like. With so many choices, even though I eat here very often, I’m always asking the waiters for suggestions.

The best part about it is that they all love the food as well, so they all know whether or not the dish is actually good. I have been to countless restaurants where the server just drones on about whatever their current special is, but they’ve never even tasted it and the special turns out to be atrocious. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining doesn’t just serve a lot of food, though.

In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear, the food is also really great as well. My favorite dish to order is the prime kalbi, but I only switched over recently. I used to order the filet mignon each time, which was surprisingly not that hard on my budget. Great food always tastes better when it’s affordable, in my opinion.

Not once have I seen someone send back a dish that they didn’t like, and that is how a Las Vegas restaurant should be. One thing that all barbecue restaurant owners should keep in mind is that making BBQ is really tough on your kitchen’s grease trap. It’s just inhaling all of that smoke and grease, and there has been at least one Las Vegas restaurant that burned down because of a grease fire.

There are some hood cleaners located near my house, and I have heard some good things about their business. Las Vegas Hood Cleaning’s website is, unsurprisingly. If you click now, then you’ll get to their website faster. Then you can look at the great deals sooner, which is always a plus.

Nobody likes to waste time. Having a clean kitchen will definitely net you a higher score on your next health inspection, which will , in turn,drive more people to your restaurant. As an added benefit, you are also likely to get more positive online reviews. Nothing wrong with a great reputation.

las vegas seafood restaurant

The second restaurant I thought of was Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. There’s one thing you need to know about me, before I start this review. Crab is without a doubt my favorite food, so this restaurant is where I like to treat myself. Having said that, don’t expect any negative things to be said about Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab.

With as much competition in Las Vegas as there is, being the top restaurant takes a lot. This restaurant is found just off of the Vegas Strip, but don’t worry about being cheated out of your money like a casino restaurant. The first thing that I really noticed during my first meal here was the service. Everyone is always smiling (staff and customers), and the staff never appear to be having anything other than a great day.

Maybe they’re just really good actors, but I know for a fact that they are also really good at their job. My glass is always full, I always have enough napkins and everything, and when I’m really just trying to eat then I can eat in silence.

It’s almost like I can just nonverbally communicate with the servers, and they always know what I want. Please don’t ever fire any of your waiters, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. Overall this is my favorite seafood restaurant of any town, and it deserves all of the praise that it gets in the amazing online reviews.

las vegas italian restaurant


Last but not least, if Italian food is more along the lines of your appetite then you will not be disappointed. Piero’s Italian Cuisine is found close to The Las Vegas Country Club, so expect a lot of high-class fancy people to be dining there with you. Some people see that as a pro, and some see that as a con. There is an indoor skydiving place just next door, but I would recommend eating afterwards instead of before.

Never know how your body will react to marinara sauce. Maybe I’m the only one with that issue. Every city I go to has an Italian restaurant, and they are usually associated with class and expensive food. I don’t know about the expensive part, but Piero’s Italian cuisine is CLASSY. The waiters might as well wear tuxedos when they bring you your food.

What makes this Las Vegas restaurant really unique is the romantic setting. I have been on a few dates here, and the candlelight plus the service plus the amazing food make for a great setting. All I need now is a great personality to match the restaurant. It should come as no surprise that everyone has great things to say about Piero’s Italian Cuisine in the positive reviews.

Tampa Fl Trip in April. Looking for Restaurants to Try


I’m looking forward to my next trip to Florida and I am planning on spending a lot of time in the Tampa area for this trip.  Whenever I make a journey like this, I always like to preplan dining.  There’s nothing like finding out that there is an incredible restaurant in the area and not being able to get a reservation because you did not think far enough ahead.  So, I’m doing my research on the Tampa area restaurants.  Rather than make notes in a tablet or on a computer, I figured that I would post here and keep adding to it as I start to make decisions.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re curious about restaurants in Tampa, stick with me.  It should be interesting.  On the other hand, if you’re familiar with Tampa FL and you have some favorite dining spots – I hope that you’d let everyone in on them.

My first search has led me to Rooster & The Till. They have great reviews and are located in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa.  Their menu is American food and when I looked at their online reviews, they seem to be amazing and have quite a following by Tampa locals.

I started looking into high-end fine dining in Tampa and the most amazing place that popped on my list was Bern’s Steak House at 1208 S. Howard Ave.  With a massive amount of good restaurant reviews at Yelp, I think this place is definitely on my list for fine dining in Tampa.

One of the things that I like to see in a restaurant is a clean kitchen.  I have actually contacted people that clean restaurants, such as restaurant hood cleaning companies and I talk about the hood cleaning business. But I also ask them for horror stories about some of the restaurants that they’ve cleaned.  Nothing like a restaurant kitchen cleaner to let you in on a few dark stories about restaurants.  Anyway, back to my list….

I keep being drawn to Ocean Prime on N W Shore Blvd.  I’m not a real big ‘fish person’, but I do like scallops, crab, clams, etc.  Funny thing about me is that I really enjoy sushi.  But the smell of cooked fish, like salmon, gags me.  Anyway, back to talking about Ocean Prime.  The place looks amazing and gets decent, but not perfect reviews.  I still want to go.  Maybe have a big order of scallops.  I almost wanted to remove them from my list because it is a chain.  But I’m intrigued enough to still want to try it.

Now, for a place that seems like a destination more than a restaurant, I’m interested in the Rusty Pelican Restaurant on Rocky Point.  It’s expensive, but the items on the menu do sound amazing.  And I’m intrigued by the location.

So, that’s the start of my list.  I’m also hoping to find some eclectic places and even some awesome food trucks in the area.  And tell my buddy Michael that has Pro Hood Cleaners, that his notes on restaurants steered me away from a few that I won’t be trying!

Any recommendations?

Maybe riding my OneWheel+ in the house was not a good idea.

Well, the wall board at the end of the hallway has been fixed.  Next we need to have it repainted.

The other casualty was my glasses.  They went flying off my face and I rolled over the top of them.  Now I’m off to find a Tulsa eye clinic that I can get these replaced with.  I heard Dr. Zoellner was a decent guy to deal with – so I’m headed there tomorrow.

I’ve gotten better at the Onewheel and ride almost every day.

Caught a gross (and almost fatal) error in a commercial kitchen

Just a few months ago, I was visiting a commercial kitchen in Miami. My sister Naomi went to culinary school so now she knows her way around all the commercial kitchens, so she was showing me around at the place she works. After hours, of course. While we were there, I noticed that the grease trap was filled to the brim. It wasn’t really noticeable unless you looked right at it, which is probably why all those chefs had missed it previously. Subsequently, I told Naomi that they needed to hire a hood cleaner. Since I was already there and planned on hanging out with her, I watched them do their work.

I never thought a miami hood cleaner could be so quick and efficient, but they somehow managed to exceed my expectations. Honestly, they thoroughly impressed me. It’s a good thing that I spotted it, though. The miami hood cleaners were telling me how many fires are started in commercial kitchens because grease gets trapped in their exhaust fans, and it’s extremely combustible. Fats are one of the most highly combustible materials on earth. Is it a material or a substance? If anybody reading this article owns or works in a commercial kitchen, I highly encourage you to contact a hood cleaner. The vast majority, if not all of them, offer free consultation services.

The purpose of having an exhaust fan in a kitchen is to keep the air moving around. This also has multiple reasons. One, it prevents any bacteria from remaining stationary and proliferating. Two, it keeps the temperature down since there’s a lot of cooking going on in a small room. When it gets clogged, the heat can build up and any flammable grease that’s caught in there can suddenly combust. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen too often because there are so many good hood cleaning businesses in almost every town. Not every town, though, which is why the Miami hood cleaners should potentially expand their business outside of Florida and into other states. That way, everyone can eat safely without any hazards or risk to their safety.

Upcoming movies in 2018

There are a ton of sequels, remakes, and even reboots coming out within the next year. This article (and maybe even the next one, too) are going to be about these movies and my commentary so far. First up on the list is actually two movies coming out this year, that I just wanted to mention really quick. Next friday the new Blade Runner movie is coming out, and I’m super pumped to see it. In fact, this is one of the few movies that I won’t spoil by looking up the plot the night it comes out.

I loved the original, and I’m pretty sure I still have the director’s cut on VHS. If I don’t, then I gave it to my friend who moved to Vegas. There’s no way I’m getting it back now. He told me the reason that they moved there is because his dad own a short-term rental permit business, and they were making way more money down there. After that is the new star wars, which I’m not super excited about. I loved star wars as a little kid and I still like watching the movies, but this new one just feels uninspired and bland. The majority of the movie is going to focus on one character’s training, which isn’t exciting to watch. I hate origin stories. The first movie that I want to see coming out next year is called The Commuter, which is another one of those Liam Neeson action movies kinda like Taken and Nonstop. It might not be good, but even though his movies are becoming kinda cliche they always have some kind of variation on the typical action movie tropes.

After that is God Particle, which is going to be a space horror movie about a stranded team of astronauts. The earth vanished after some kind of particle accelerator accident, and then a space shuttle approaches and they have to deal with whatever danger is onboard. It sounds super similar to Alien and Life, but it’s actually the third installment in the Cloverfield franchise so maybe it’ll be good? I’m going to see it either way. Last but not least (for this article, at least) is Pacific Rim: Uprising.


For those of you who haven’t seen it, Pacific Rim is a 2013 action movie where the earth is being attacked by giant monster so humanity engineered giant robots to fight back. The catch is, these robots are piloted by two people. These story is just about the fight to destroy all the monsters and the portal that they’re coming out of, which happens to be located in the Pacific Rim. I liked the movie overall, mostly because the large-scale action scenes were pretty great to a 13 year old.

The importance of organization

My raggedy appearance might say otherwise, but I’m a huge stickler for organization. I organize most of my titled belongings, such as video games and movies, by alphabet. My morning routine is always the exact same every morning before school, otherwise I have difficulty functioning. If you read one my past posts, you will remember how I mentioned a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder, intolerance of uncertainty. If I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do or what will happen, my mind will instantly think of some kind of alternate route or escape from the situation. Now, I think that order and organization should be present in all people’s lives. Structure isn’t just a pillar of society, it is literally the pillar itself.

There’s probably some metaphor I could make about bone structure holding us together just like structure in our life holding us together, but I won’t delve terribly deep into it. I can’t even remember what the metaphor was at this point. Speaking of being held together, I almost came unglued this weekend when I couldn’t locate any place for a Reno Window Tint. Luckily I solved that issue, so I’m still here. To put it in perspective, just imagine a world without organization. There could be no communication, no government, and no currency. Interaction between people, the basis of civilization, would be extremely limited because associating actions with anything would require use of a system, which needs organization. Without organization, seeing the color red might make you cry one time and make you hungry the next time you see it.

Even on a lesser scale, removing organization from computers would mean spreadsheets could not exist, complicating large-scale business to an extreme degree. Sometimes I feel like all these large words have no meaning because I use them in such excess. If there was no organization in school, you could just walk into any random class. Even once you were there, the teacher would have no lesson plan for teaching so he or she would just go off and do whatever they wanted. In retrospect, the teacher probably wouldn’t even show up because there was no organization to say that they have a job at this specific school that requires they show up every day