We’re freaks about organization.  Really.  But it’s not just about being a little obsessed, it’s also about why.  These days, margins in business can be cut razor thin.  Your time is all you really have in order to perform as well as you can and then step up to create awesome things and still have time to really enjoy adventures and create memories.

Since all of these things click off on our countdown clocks, organization and time management become more and  more crucial.  So we are obsessed.

  • Some of our personal rules for organization and time management:
  • Don’t do anything that someone else can do better and cheaper.
  • Forget the 8-5.  Do things when you’re at your best.
  • Use tools sparingly. And don’t change unless the tool is failing you.
  • Be sure to block time for you to be a human.  Work isn’t life.
  • Live a life that you don’t need to escape from.

So, that’s it.  It’s our ‘about page’.  I made it in under 5 minutes.  Time to go do the next thing on my list!