The Top Three Restaurants in New York for Foodies

burger and seafood restaurant

New York has always been my favorite place to eat at great restaurants, since the city is so diverse. You can eat great Italian food, Mexican food, and even Mediterranean food. I will always love a good gyro. My occupation is to review restaurants for a living, so I know which restaurants in New York take the cake and which ones to avoid. As opposed to selling my thoughts in a published book, I thought I would just share my thoughts with you guys online.

burgers and lobsters restaurant

First up, there is Burger & Lobster. I do not even know where to begin with this restaurant. It’s like the chefs chose my two favorite things to eat, and then based a whole restaurant about them! Make sure to be in the Flatiron District of New York, otherwise, you will have to compete with me for a spot at one of the tables. Burger & Lobster gets very busy at times, but that only shows you how great the food is.

For the purposes of this review, I will attempt to remain as unbiased as possible. There are three main things that I look for when reviewing a restaurant for work. I look for the quality of the service, the atmosphere, and how good the food is. Flavor isn’t everything, though. A great restaurant will not need to use food that comes out of a can, and so the chefs should have no trouble locating fresh ingredients to use in their dishes.

Time for the first characteristic, which is service. Burger & Lobster really knows how to hire amazing staff. Every time I have eaten here, I am greeted with a friendly smile. Even before I’m seated. I have seen the staff ensure that every table is clean before someone is seated, no matter how busy the restaurant gets. Your glass is never empty, and the servers aren’t stingy with the drinks like some restaurants might be.

When you have a bottomless drink, the restaurant doesn’t want you consuming gallons of it with each meal. However, my server was always topping off my glass. On the flipside, she also managed to do it frequently enough without becoming too much a burden. I can’t stand when a waiter interrupts me mid-sentence just so they can ask if I’m enjoying my meal.

I appreciate that you asked, but you are not blind and I was very clearly in conversation. It’s even more so annoying because I lose my train of thought very easily. When I first ate at Burger & Lobster, I was overwhelmed with the variety on the menu. With so many great sounding dishes to order, I had no idea what to prioritize.

Luckily for me, all of the staff know everything on the menu and what people like. In fact, they each have their own preferences as well. I should guess as much, since everyone is different. A lot of restaurants in New York tend to specialize in one dish and center their menu around it, but not here. Burger & Lobster even offers different types of lobster rolls that you can order! Lobster rolls are without a doubt my favorite food, so Burger & Lobster gets extra points for that.

That is the service and the atmosphere, so all that would leave is the atmosphere. I have never had to shout over the other customers at Burger & Lobster, so that is always a plus. In addition, the windows really light up the place. I’m sure that saves the management a fortune on electricity during the day. All of these bits and pieces have very clearly worked, as Burger & Lobster is the topic of a lot of the positive online reviews for restaurants in New York.

new york french restaurant

Cafe Loup is without a doubt my favorite French restaurant in New York. My favorite thing to order from Cafe Loup is the Norwegian Eggs Benedict, and it makes a very great breakfast. Even more so if you live by Greenwich Village in New York. Everything that you would expect of a classy French restaurant is here, plus more. I can’t get over how attractive the interior of the restaurant is.

It’s one thing to be a great restaurant, but putting thought into your restaurant’s look shows how much you care about the customers instead of the business. A lot of the great online reviews talk about how relaxed and casual the atmosphere is, so if that’s more along your lifestyle than Cafe Loup is likely the place for you.

I am hoping that some people who read these reviews will take these restaurants into consideration for their next meal, or next few meals if you get into them as much as me. Very good restaurant overall, and that is why it is one of the top three in over 100 restaurants in New York.

new york korean barbecue

If you aren’t into French food OR lobster and burgers, then maybe Korean BBQ will fit the bill for you. Korilla BBQ is located within walking distance of the New York City College of Technology in New York, so it is a great place for college students to get lunch. Just watch out for your body’s sodium levels, though. If you asked what my favorite thing to order from Korilla BBQ was, I would have to say it’s my burrito that I make with pork.

I’m not going to describe each ingredient, because you build your own bowl here. One thing I always think about when eating at Korilla BBQ is the cleanliness. It’s almost methodical, how the staff will clean regularly. With barbecue, your kitchens will always require extra special care. Smoke and grease are a lot more common with this style of cuisine, especially when your chefs are cooking all day every day (this place is always full of customers).

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That’s how business works, after all. If you’re still dying to know more about Korilla BBQ, I would encourage you to read one of the great reviews on Yelp and Google. You shouldn’t have to look very hard to find one.