The Greatest Restaurants So Far in Las Vegas

asian fusion restaurant las vegas

Las Vegas is probably the most widely recognized city in Nevada, since it is a very popular tourist destination. For the people who live on the outskirts of town, such as myself, Vegas is a very different town. I haved lived here for a couple years, and I think that one of the main attractions for me is the food.

Of course every town has food, but is it all great? Even if it is. It’s not as good as the restaurants in Las Vegas. As such, I will be reviewing the ones that I think are the best so maybe people will visit restaurants outside of the Strip. A lot of those places are tourist traps, anyways.

korean barbecue las vegas

First, I want to talk about Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining. Just because it is the first restaurant does not mean that it is the best restaurant. It was just the first one that came to mind, mostly because I’m a regular here. Asian fusion can either be done really poorly or really well, and here it is done really well. With a lot of people that I talk to, it seems like they either love Korean BBQ or haven’t tried it. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining is located a block away from UNLV’s campus, so if you go to school there then it’s a great spot to eat at with friends.

I see a lot of students eating here, and you could probably get a job as a server if they were hiring. Working right next to school would be easy. Unless you just wanted to go home and relax. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining has a lots of choices on the menu, so even if you think that you don’t really like Japanese or Korean food there will surely be something that you like. With so many choices, even though I eat here very often, I’m always asking the waiters for suggestions.

The best part about it is that they all love the food as well, so they all know whether or not the dish is actually good. I have been to countless restaurants where the server just drones on about whatever their current special is, but they’ve never even tasted it and the special turns out to be atrocious. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining doesn’t just serve a lot of food, though.

In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear, the food is also really great as well. My favorite dish to order is the prime kalbi, but I only switched over recently. I used to order the filet mignon each time, which was surprisingly not that hard on my budget. Great food always tastes better when it’s affordable, in my opinion.

Not once have I seen someone send back a dish that they didn’t like, and that is how a Las Vegas restaurant should be. One thing that all barbecue restaurant owners should keep in mind is that making BBQ is really tough on your kitchen’s grease trap. It’s just inhaling all of that smoke and grease, and there has been at least one Las Vegas restaurant that burned down because of a grease fire.

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Nobody likes to waste time. Having a clean kitchen will definitely net you a higher score on your next health inspection, which will , in turn,drive more people to your restaurant. As an added benefit, you are also likely to get more positive online reviews. Nothing wrong with a great reputation.

las vegas seafood restaurant

The second restaurant I thought of was Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. There’s one thing you need to know about me, before I start this review. Crab is without a doubt my favorite food, so this restaurant is where I like to treat myself. Having said that, don’t expect any negative things to be said about Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab.

With as much competition in Las Vegas as there is, being the top restaurant takes a lot. This restaurant is found just off of the Vegas Strip, but don’t worry about being cheated out of your money like a casino restaurant. The first thing that I really noticed during my first meal here was the service. Everyone is always smiling (staff and customers), and the staff never appear to be having anything other than a great day.

Maybe they’re just really good actors, but I know for a fact that they are also really good at their job. My glass is always full, I always have enough napkins and everything, and when I’m really just trying to eat then I can eat in silence.

It’s almost like I can just nonverbally communicate with the servers, and they always know what I want. Please don’t ever fire any of your waiters, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. Overall this is my favorite seafood restaurant of any town, and it deserves all of the praise that it gets in the amazing online reviews.

las vegas italian restaurant


Last but not least, if Italian food is more along the lines of your appetite then you will not be disappointed. Piero’s Italian Cuisine is found close to The Las Vegas Country Club, so expect a lot of high-class fancy people to be dining there with you. Some people see that as a pro, and some see that as a con. There is an indoor skydiving place just next door, but I would recommend eating afterwards instead of before.

Never know how your body will react to marinara sauce. Maybe I’m the only one with that issue. Every city I go to has an Italian restaurant, and they are usually associated with class and expensive food. I don’t know about the expensive part, but Piero’s Italian cuisine is CLASSY. The waiters might as well wear tuxedos when they bring you your food.

What makes this Las Vegas restaurant really unique is the romantic setting. I have been on a few dates here, and the candlelight plus the service plus the amazing food make for a great setting. All I need now is a great personality to match the restaurant. It should come as no surprise that everyone has great things to say about Piero’s Italian Cuisine in the positive reviews.